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Unix theme for Pterodactyl 1.4.x [ 36% OFF ] | Best Premium Theme for Pterodactyl 1.4.x [1.7.0]




  • Configure your website with an easy-to-use system found in admin panel
  • Instant changes, no need to build panel assets after every change, changes will be visible instantly
  • Enable and Disable certain Elements on your website such as the top navbar, image in login page and a lot more
  • Create Alerts in the backend panel to be displayed on your website, Alerts help users notify about changes
  • Sidebar, Have links displayed on the sidebar (Staff members will have their own menu's in the sidebar)
  • Dozens of Color options, change colors from the admin panel in real-time
  • Set permissions for users to view and hide certain elements as well as for admins
  • Upload your custom logo
  • Integrate Discord chatbox in your site and Arc with just a few clicks
  • Highly responsive: Your website will look amazing no matter which device is used, elements will adapt to the screen size.
  • Support for all color formats: RGB, HEX, HSL or you can use keywords such as: "Green", "Blue", or select through the color selector
  • Update Checker: whenever there is a new update, you'll be automatically notified
  • Advanced Background Settings: set YouTube video's as background, Images or colors *NEW* 
  • Language System: you can easily translate the theme or get free premade translations from our Discord *NEW* 
  • And much much more...!



The Installation process is very simple, the instructions are written inside the resource zip file, called "README"



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$ 17.98
First Release:
June 8, 2021, 5:30 pm
Last Release:
June 15, 2021, 7:33 pm