Pterodactyl Market will soon be releasing a brand new site. We urge users to join our Discord Server to learn more.


We are aware of the ongoing issues some of our sellers are experiencing with their PayPal services. This has created an impression that our site is malfunctioning. However, we assure you, this is not the case. The current challenges are confined to individual PayPal accounts, and our website continues to operate (although still not well due to the site being old). We are actively addressing these concerns and are excited to inform you that our upcoming website update is set to resolve these difficulties. The forthcoming platform, which we are diligently working to launch soon, will offer a more streamlined and reliable payment system. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition period, and we are confident the improvements will greatly enhance your experience on our site.

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Pterodactyl Market makes $0 off every transaction, and in fact, all we do is pay for you to buy and sell resources. The only income we have is from advertisements, which are used to pay for the server, not us. With that being said, we are kindly asking you to donate to us through a monthly subscription or one time. Plans over $20/mo will earn you an advertisement spot on the site. If you want to advertise on the site, this is how you do it! Also, for specific plans, you can get some new Pterodactyl merch every 3 months! Check out Patreon here:

Latest Updates

WHMCS SSO for Pterodactyl
This addon will allow your customers to log in with their WHMCS account.

Views: 1925

Purchases: 105

Downloads: 296

Knowledgebase v1.x
Share your knowledge with your customers!

Views: 853

Purchases: 12

Downloads: 48

Latest Resources

Nebula for Blueprint
Pterodactyl takes flight.

Views: 40

Purchases: 2

Downloads: 1

[1.11.x] Cpu Guardian [Only 1$!]
A script that stops the cpu abuse by stopping & changing the description to a warning message automatically.

Views: 80

Purchases: 1

Downloads: 1

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