Domain redirection [PLEASE READ!]

As you may have noticed, & have redirected here. These domains were from illegitimate sites, owned by scammer(s).
If you had purchased anything from one of those sites, you will not be refunded by us, as the real sellers never received anything.
You will have to buy the resource on this website, but your purchase will be going directly to the real seller of the resource.
Please note that we do not affiliate with LocalHost or anything related. is the legitimate marketplace!

PterodactylMarket Sold! (Migration Soon)

Hello Pterodactyl Market Community!

The market has been officially sold. The new owner is @INfoUpgraders#0001 on Discord and they'll be migrating all data on the site including resources, users, purchases, etc, etc - with a new look and more amazing features for both sellers and buyers alike. Once the migration is done, we will be having our main domains redirect to the new site and you can access and manage your existing purchases from your favourite sellers there.

The new market is also taking feature requests, so if you wish to provide any ideas for the new home of our clientbase, you may do so in #feature-requests on the discord!

Thank you

Latest Updates

Translation System
An advanced translation system for the pterodactyl 1.6.x +

Views: 615

Purchases: 42

Downloads: 78

Java based Pterodactyl Server Management Bot

Views: 317

Purchases: 19

Downloads: 46

Latest Resources

Garry's Mod WorkshopDL Generator
A WorkshopDL Generator integrated to your Panel!

Views: 23

Purchases: 1

Downloads: 1

CSharp Egg
just a CSharp Egg

Views: 23

Purchases: 0

Downloads: 0