Pterodactyl Market has been acquired by sourceXchange, a market part-owned by ThatProgrammer.
The creation of new resources and the updating of existing ones is now disabled. You can transfer your licenses here!

Transition from Pterodactyl Market to sourceXchange

Hello Pterodactyl Market Users,

I'd like to first mention that it's great to own Pterodactyl Market again. even if it won't run under that name much longer. When I first created Pterodactyl Market (prev., I never could have seen the amount of success it would have. Over the years since selling, seeing it slowly fall apart from lack of updates and efforts by new owners trying their best to save it, I regretted every minute.

That being said, now that I, Brad or ThatProgrammer, however you know me will be going through, with the sourceXchange team, which I am one-third owner of, as well as all sellers we can contact to make sure we can safely and in the best capacity migrate all users, sellers, products and transactions to sourceXchange so that you can all continue to access the products you need, but without the hassle of broken functionality.

Thank you, and I hope to finally deliver on the promise that has been undelivered for many years now

- Brad / ThatProgrammer