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Resource ToS Confusion

As you may have seen, many resources have a "Terms of Service" in its description. By purchasing that resource, you must follow that Terms of Service. Those Terms have nothing to do with Pterodactyl Market or it's terms but they still must be followed.

New Site Development

A new site for Pterodactyl Market is currently under development to provide a better experience for our users. You can join our Discord Server to find out more about development.

Latest Updates

Landing Portal - Pterodactyl v1.x
💡 Your landing page, right in Pterodactyl.

Views: 383

Purchases: 3

Downloads: 3

Pterodactyl Addon [1.X] - Server splitter [Sales 25%]
This plugins allow you to split your server!

Views: 474

Purchases: 17

Downloads: 33

Latest Resources

Version Manager
A Version Manager for Minecraft

Views: 72

Purchases: 1

Downloads: 1

Admin Node Flag - Pterodactyl V1
Set a flag from your node in the admin panel

Views: 112

Purchases: 1

Downloads: 0